Monthly Archive for August, 2010

Volunteer Applications

Over the years we have required our volunteers to fill out applications. Not to long ago we started doing them online and now managing this process has been moved over to one of my tasks. To be honest, the system we have is a pain in the neck so I want to fix it up.

I’ll start by showing what we have.

Yes, we use Survey Monkey to manage this form (please do not submit it, that would really bother the very busy lady who does the work of receiving and following up on them). The results are cut and pasted into a doc, exported to PDF, and stored as a part of that person’s profile in our database (we use Arena). Paper based copies have been pulled out of their filing cabinets and scanned in order keep us consistent.

The information is this form is used to provide information about a person so they can be evaluated for a serving position, have background checks run, and references to call.

Now for what we want.

  • We want something that is easily submitted and received
  • Required fields
  • Easily edited in the future
  • I would really like an integrated module for Arena that does all of this, but we are not set to coding that yet and it might be worth knowing more about what we really want before we do.

As a long time web geek I almost said “Hey, I’ll code that right up.” but I don’t have that kind of time available anymore. I do about a half dozen jobs and have an infant at home. Instead I said “I’ll look into seeing what other people are doing and we can move forward from there.

so, . . .

What are YOU doing?

Other churches must be dealing with this same issue. We want to know what you are doing. Do you do volunteer applications? do you do them online? do you have a special workflow?