Monthly Archive for December, 2008

Fixing Adobe Flash Internet Explorer 7 Permission Issue

Every once in a while we hit an annoying issue with Adobe Flash. Some can be fixed with a quick reinstall of the Flash plugin, but others are much worse like this one with Flash 8 nearly 2 years ago.

In the past month we have had 2 computers come down with the same problem. Sites with Flash content don’t run, so you go to Adobe and try to update Flash. That doesn’t work, so you try a regular uninstall and a then a drastic attempt with Adobe’s uninstaller.

Just before doing a privilege escalation hack on XP pro to uninstall and fix permissions I discovered this succinctly titled page at the Adobe site: Download SubInACL from Microsoft to fix permission issues that prevent the Flash Player installation.

I downloaded and ran the SubInACL Windows Resource Kit tool (which I find to be very interesting), and the I extracted the reset script and ran with it. This time the install worked and life was closer to its standard level of happiness and contentment.

Now I leave this here so I can use this info again in the future.

Ten Signs You are Truly a Computer Geek

So, after a late night conversation I did some brainstorming to get myself back into posting, and here it is.

Ten Signs You are Truly a Computer Geek

1. You regularly, unselfconsciously, and without a hint of intentional irony refer to your available time for projects as “Bandwidth.”

2. Same goes for referring to availability for thinking about a problem as “Processor Cycles.”

3. When you have trouble remembering something you complain about fragmentation and bad sectors.

4. There is a deep and unspoken need to have someone “Talk Nerdy” to you.

5. Your favorite jokes are best expressed in ascii

6. You have been seriously late for something that meant a lot to you because you “just couldn’t get that one piece of code to work right”

7. The cumulative time spent researching, trying, and shopping for your current set of computer peripherals is greater than that spent on your last car or home purchase.

8. You regularly bore your loved ones with news about price drops in cutting edge technology and comparisons to the price and function of the first item of that category you bought.

9. There is ancient technology laying around not because you don’t want to waste it by throwing it out, but because deep down in side you are still emotionally attached to it.

10. It’s not a nap, it’s a soft reboot.

There are several more “Ten Lists” available for your enjoyment.

Note: Thanks to my White and Nerdy friend Jack, I have changed the title from “Ten Sings” to “Ten Signs.”