Monthly Archive for December, 2007

Do you need mouse balls?

While searching for some equipment online I found this page: Replacement Mouse Ball, 2cm. So, do you have much need for replacement mouse balls? We may have one or two old style mice around here, but that is all. I’m sure that by the time the ball goes bad it would be worth just getting a whole new mouse. I am of course discounting sentimental connections.


Yes, you may joke about it but replacement mouse balls are one of our most requested products. Why? Mouse balls get caked with dust and lint and are difficult to clean. Inexpensive mice use inferior, lightweight foam mouse balls that can easily skip and mis-track. In schools, kids (and adults) take the balls out and play with them like marbles-so they’re always getting lost (or getting dirty). Our replacement mouse balls are made from a heavy rubberized steel ball bearing that offers the best tracking and reliability. Works with most PC mice and some Mac mice (2cm.)


The Breakup

A great video about advertisers and consumers.

I can picture a video similar to this only with churches in the advertiser spot and people in general in the consumers spot.

Church: “But we had that clever pop culture referencing sermon series last month. Oh, and don’t forget that ironic and irreverent postcard we sent.”

Prospect: “But I came to church to learn from the Bible.” – Free Christian Photos & Graphics Free Christian Photos and Graphics

I was searching around for some graphics to use on a little personal Christmas project and I found “CreativeMYK is an index of free Christian photos and Church graphics from Christian Photographers and Church Graphic Designers around the globe.”

I found it via which I found via

Quote: Teamwork

Finding good players is easy.
Getting them to play as a team is another story.
- Casey Stengel


Some interesting Acronyms:

CATNAP: Cheapest Available Technology Narrowly Avoiding Prosecution
CATNIP: Cheapest Available Technology Not Involving Prosecution

A Moment of Irony

It is December and I am cleaning out a build-up of digital detritus and coprolite. While clearing through some old emails I found the following message that I saved a long time ago.

If you are missing a CD entitled “Where Nothing Can Go Wrong” please let me know.
The cleaning crew found it.

Now I can delete that email.

Blogs in Plain English

I have tried to explain blogs to people in the past, but most of the people who don’t understand what they are by now are going to require something a little more straight forward.

That is why I like this video entitled: Blogs in Plain English (with pictures too).

My Christmas Greetings for You

YouTube has a nifty feature for sending videos as greetings. Here is my greeting to you, personally.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year