Monthly Archive for September, 2007

Clean Printer Cartridges with WD-40

We have these huge efficient printers located throughout the building for everyone to use. They print inexpensively even in gorgeous color. The first time I printed to the one near my office I had accidentally left it set to color and felt ashamed that I had wasted such beauty on horendous web advertisements.

In spite of all these printers located in each of the office areas we still have several dozen expensive, slow, noisy, and lousy printers on everyones personal desk as well. Why bother walking 10 feet when you can get less for more.

My problem with printers is that they soon get to the point that the more-expensive-than-gold ink gets clogged in one of the color channels and I have a dead $40 cartridge that has provided me with $2 worth of value over its pitiful life.

A West Virginia Blogger has posted about cleaning your print cartridge with WD-40. Found via Lifehacker where there are many more cleaning suggestions in the comments.

Spam for a Long Winter’s Night

On Monday, Spamhaus added us to their blacklist. The cause was spam backscatter from our Barracuda. According to the report, they had 3 “we blocked your spam” replies from addresses within our system. We had to drop the blocking reports to senders, this will not be a popular option once people no longer know why ministers have not received their emails.

So, while we work on fine tuning the spamwall a bit more I thought I would share some of the poetry I found in quarantine.

Down the long course of the gray slush of things
demonstrating their talent for comedy stroke
To have been claimed by what we see of what
Nor, indeed, the bit of paint itself can know of.
To a higher level of appearance.
Beneath a pile of corpses, lying massed
Still has to be intoned, as in a lonely
A matter of getting all that right . . .
Oh, I know. The snow. The effective snow
The pain of being born into matter.
Chose to walk out of it, they’d have to pass
Dim, and die tonight?
VII. Hudson and His Strait; Baffin and His Bay
Or else, like us, sunk into some long gaze
Not so much of place as of renewed hope,
And still my mind goes groping in the mud to bring
“Now it’s my turn to sing!”
Sought to contrive, intending to express
In Florida, it’s strawberry season

After reading that, my first thought was “The National Endowment for the Arts must be supporting spam artists too.” It might be a program set up to expose system administrators to poetry.

Most of the lines appear on a page entitled: “Poems for a Long Winter’s Night” with the only exception being the line about Hudson and Baffin. This page appears to be very popular with a very prodigious spammer.

3 Years Old

Laura’s Birth

That is a picture taken just before midnight on September 24, 2004. Just a few minutes after birth. In some ways that seems a lifetime ago and in others just like it was very very recent.

I have been digging through pictures from the month surrounding her birth. Hurricane Ivan causing devastation around our home and causing us to evacuate to Jacksonville where we were closer to family, my 13 year old dog dieing just a few weeks before she was born, pictures of her in front of the television as SpaceShipOne was in flight to win the X-Prize, President Bush visiting Niceville, the walls outside our windows at St. Vincent’s Medical Center shredded and the St. Johns River flooded from hurricane Jeanne, the possible last pictures of the interior of our boarded up house taken with the possibility of never seeing it in one piece again, every member of the family carrying around a little tiny girl.

All of that at a little girl who is still amazingly sweet and wonderful as she turns 3.

Acute Capgras

I had been talking about Capgras Syndrome (think: delusional form of “Attack of the Body Snatchers”) lately and had just finished reading an article on it (not one of the best I have read so I won’t bother linking it) when I moved on to the next tab in my browser.

Title: “What the ‘Sopranos’ Taught Me About Technology
Author: Bob Brown

I momentarily freaked out, especially since I have only seen 3 minutes of the entire program and 5% of that was a black screen with no audio. For the record, the Sopranos article looked pretty lame. I skimmed and then “closed that tab” to use a euphemism for a hit.

Yeah, Well Hitler used I-Mag

The Modern Mechanix blog has a post about a German invention from 1937 that allowed everyone to see the speaker. The hair doesn’t look right, but the mustache almost does. I think that is supposed to be Adolf Hitler up there.

The system scans the speaker with a green light and then uses that to produce an image through a cathode ray tube which goes through a lens and onto a large screen.

So, if you ever have a need of an argument against using I-Mag in some situation (too small of a venue, improper equipment, ugly preacher, etc.) just pull out the argument “Hitler used I-Mag, are we going to start book burning and pogroms as well?”