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The Killer Bees

It’s official, killer bees have settled into Florida.

Floridians are apparently not supposed to be to concerned. After all, according to the description of the quoted “experts” this is just one more thing that brings Florida closer to just being an annex of Dante’s Inferno. I believe the negotiations are being held up due to humidity. As they say, the difference between Hell and Florida is that Hell at least has a dry heat.

Implosion World

Do you like to see things go BOOM?

If you are a “guy” then the answer is probably “YES!!!!!”

While searching for something in the OSM forum I found an interesting link from a long time ago: Implosion World

Want to know what is on the other side of that link? Check out this:

Galveston Implosion

Nice Question / Answer Design from CNet

I am searching for an affordable flash based portable digital music device that has AM and FM radio built in. So far I am leaning towards the SanDisk Digital Audio Player (SDMX3512A18) with 512MB. I don’t buy music these days and I donated my CD collection to the church last year so storage is not an issue for me.

But, I am digressing here. I came across a Q&A at CNet and loved the design. I would like to incorporate something friendly like the center portion into a church website.

Reveal: Firefox Extension

I just installed the Reveal (addons link) extension for Firefox and it is great.

I am not sure how much I will use it, but this is truly innovative. Once you install it you activate it by hitting F2 or ALT- and all your tabs become icons that float on the browser. You can look at the pages (some flash pages didn’t load so good) and even search them all.

Yes, you can search them all! A little search bar floats on the page and as you type it will examine all the tabs for corresponding information. as you go beyond what a page has it will disappear until you are left with only the pages that contain what you want.

It has some bugs, but I really think it is neat.

Edit: I just noticed that it also brings up an image of the previous and next page when you mouseover the forward and back buttons. Neat.

ProduKey: Find Your MS Product Keys

A few months ago I found a great tool called keyfinder. As that linked post states, I found it because I needed to reinstalle XP on my sister’s laptop and she couldn’t find her product key.

Today I noticed that Jason Powell has found something similar in ProduKey.

I just tried it out today for the sake of trying it out.

It will find your Product Key and Product ID MS Office, XP, and even Exchange server. A good substitute for proper filing.
I like the expanded scope it has, and it looks to have a good development future ahead of it.

Our Cameras

My official position at Christ’s Church of Mandarin (Jacksonville, FL) is Security Director. This includes managing the non-business-hours security hosts, the magnetic lock doors and ID badge system, managing locking and unlocking, following up on security issues, and handling the security cameras.

For our cameras we use primarily D-Link cameras: DCS-1000w, DCS-900w, and DCS-3220g. Below, I will describe some of our setup and innovations on the basic system. Continue reading ‘Our Cameras’

Online Audit of a Congregation

Years ago I did some searching on the summer camp I was managing. I found pages from all sorts of people connected with the camp. I even found a conversation between two people I knew as they were talking about the death of someone they had known from camp. This was in 2000 and this opened my eyes to how much “unofficial” conversation there is about ministries.

As I am working on developing the online ministries of the church where I currently work I continue to find a lot of conversation happening about us around us.

I was thinking about this as I found the web site of a family who used to attend our church before they moved to the other end of the state (which is where I actually met them).

I am finding small groups, web sites built up around some of our ministries, and many people linking to us from their business sites. The life of a church extends beyond the office walls of the staff.
These are sites I must not forget as we develop our online presence into a full extension of the ministry of the church..

Rocket Bike

Take a lookie at this article: Rocket On Two Wheels.

If you are like me then you had a bit of a roller coaster experience.

Starting low with the idea of not being able to create a rocket, building up with the knowledge that the fuel was roofing tar, and then crashing back down with the reference to Nitrous Oxide.

Hmm. I know there is some roofing tar in the building here somewhere. My dad’s corvette has a Nitrous Booster. I wonder if anyone would notice them missing? I wonder if insurance would cover my idiocy. I wonder if my wife would kill me if I survived.

Reference Audio for Dying Hard Drives

With nearly 20 hard drives running in my office 24/7 I feel that any out of the ordinary noises are reason to panic a bit. The last drive failure actually resulted in an ear piercing shreek that made me want to leave the building immediately. But there are so many other ways for them to fail.
Via Gizmodo, these are some audio recordings of different hard drive failures (at the bottom of the page). Each and every one of them sent a shiver up my spine.

They are wav files, so the particularly evil individuals out there could probably think of someone who needs these sounds set up for different actions on their computer.

I am thinking Exclamation, Device Connect, and shutdown as a few choice options.

Church Ministry Blogs

A while ago I asked for input (I Need Blogs) on blogs that are relevent to churches who are considering a blog for their ministry. I have traveled around online putting together sites and information to introduce ministers to blogs and blogging.

A resource like this is best when shared, so I decided to pull it out of the forum post and blog it here.
Continue reading ‘Church Ministry Blogs’