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Happy New Year

Wake me when it is 2006.
I’m calling it a night.

MultiRes Different resolutions for different users

Do you have a computer shared by multiple users who want their own screen resolutions? I do.

The front desk near the church building’s entrance.

Characters: (Names have been changed to protect me)
- Lonnie: The regular receptionist. She uses the desk about 40 hours per week.
- James: One of the security hosts. Works on web design, php, java, etc. while using the desk.
- Extras: About a dozen other people using the computer
- Bob: Me (I changed it by reversing the order of the letters in my first name).
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Why Cops carry guns

The Bobbys in London pride themselves on not carrying guns, but they have the luxury of an ocean between them and Mexico, the home of one of this worlds most dreaded beasts.

There is a terror that roams the streets of America. This is why American officers must not be ashamed of their sidearms. They put themselves on the line everyday and sometimes the line bites back.

It is awful to think that something like this would happen around the holidays, but an officer in Fremont, California (Home of the Firebirds. Yay Firebirds!) found himself at the mercy of a pack of angry dogs.
Vicious, mean, large headed Chihuahuas. Fortunately he escaped with his life without firing a shot. He suffered some ankle wounds, but has recovered and is back out on the street doing his jobs.

Now comes my rambling: Do you know why people don’t cut the tails off of Chihuahuas?
Their tails are the only thing holding their balance so their heads don’t hit the ground.

For some reason I couldn’t find this story separate from the one about the intruder adding pornography to someone’s computer, so I will comment.
1. Someone has given up on pop-ups, with so many people using blockers it must just be easier to break right in and do it.
2. You just know that if it was a guy who said that someone broke into the house and added porn to the computer everyone would call him a liar.

Windows Zero Day WMF Exploit

Okay kids, this is the last page you should visit for today.
As soon as you are done reading this just turn off your computer until sometime in May.
I’ll let you know when it’s safe, okay?

Microsoft just released a Security Advisory (912840) entitled: “Vulnerability in Graphics Rendering Engine Could Allow Remote Code Execution.” (Soon to be a major motion picture) (Rendered on Linux no doubt).

Here is a synopsis:
1. It’s bad and affects everything between Windows Server 2003 and DOS 2 (actually 98 – XP)
2. You don’t have to click on it, once it downloads Windows will run it for you.
3. It doesn’t even need to be named with the .wmf extension
4. It will make fun of you and tell your friends about the teddy bear you still sleep with.

So far the only advise I have read is from this Techweb article entitled:How To Beat Back The New Zero-Day Windows Bug on $2 a day.
Their recommendation? enter the following on the Run line in the Start menu
“regsvr32 -u %windir%\system32\shimgvw.dll”
(without the ” or ” (their the ones who said it)).

Have you done it yet?
Congratulations you just did something. But nobody seems to be saying what to do to undo the thing you did.

Update your virus ware
Update your Firewall
Update your spyware protection
Just don’t do it by visiting any web sites.

Web 2.0 Companies

TechCrunch has a great list of useful “Web 2.0″ companies that provide services to people who enjoy the interactive part of the World Wide Web.

I recognize most, have used many, and was introduced to a few.

There are more gaps to fill though. I am trying to find a blog post from somewhere about web 2.0 apps the blogger wants to write about but don’t exist. When I find it I will post it here.

Until then, read about the hordes of anal retentive obsessive compulsive maniacs with post-it notes

What would you do with an extra second

While humanity changes at a faster rate everyday, the world is really slowing down.
We complain that there just are not enough hours in the day, but we are regularly granted an extra second.

In a few days we will have our extra second.

What will you do with your leap second.
Perhaps you will blow that horn just a little longer this year.
Perhaps kiss a little longer.
If this year is anything like other years I will be using it for sleep.

Enjoy your second.

Locate That IP

I just used this tool again tonight to trace back on an IP address.

I originally found it a few years back when looking at an advertisement at the top of, which is a tool I use regularly in looking for information about IPs, Domains, and system services.

If you think your hosting server is having problems and you want to make sure that it isn’t just a bad connection from your ISP you can use DWP to do a traceroute or even look to see what services are up.

Christian Web Portals

Thanks to Frank at Strategic Digital Outreach for his list of Local Christian Portals.

This is a great list of resources. I am going to spend some time going through these sites to find ideas for one at Christ’s Church.

Internet For Christians is closing down

IFC closing

I subscribed to the IFC email for years and I have had it on my RSS list in Sage for a while now. It appears that after next week it will be time to remove it from the list.

In some ways this is sad, but fortunately there is a lot of other good material out there. I assume that this was part of their reason for discontinuing it. I hope that nobody tries to “pick up the mantle” and continue it. IFC has a legacy and that is good enough. All that could be carried with it is readership and branding, but they never really follow along.

Remember the past but continue on to the future.
So long, Internet for Christians, and thanks for all you have done.

Call PHP using Cron

One day soon, the task of running basic scripts on your server will be outsourced to the cheap labor supply in Elbonia. Masses of Elbonians will consider themselves wealthy with their half-cup of mud per day wages to simply run timed commands on computers around the world.

Until then, we can just use Cron.

Cron is a system timer on *nix systems for running commands at appointed times. These events and times are stored as Crontabs.

For a holiday analogy, consider the humble timer you may hook to your christmas lights to turn them on automatically in the evening and then off while you are having dreams about sugar plums that even Freud would have trouble explaining. You take this little timer and plug it in. You set the current time on it and then take the little plastic tabs and insert them where you want the lights to turn on and then off.

Windows has something like this called the task scheduler. This is the type of program that helps you keep your antivirus up to date or your disk defragmented.

I will get into the details of using cron sometime in the future (I am still writing up some info on it), but I just posted some instructions on how to get cron to run a php (or PERL, or any other web based scripting language) file.
Cron only allows command line tasks, so the trick it to either write your script to be able to be run from the command line, or just write it to be accessible from the web site like any other file and then tell the command line to get it from there.

Hey, the file you run doesn’t even have to be on your server. You could do this for your friends and become the most popular geek on the block.

Enjoy: Calling a PHP File from Cron